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Cleaner and greener, together

clean phuket beaches

Cleaning our beaches

creating awareness

Creating awareness, finding solutions

Waste recycling campaign in Phuket

Recycling our waste

Connecting and empowering our community to preserve our natural environment

Preserving Mai Khao Environment

Cleaner and greener, together

Beach clean ups in Phuket

Our Vision and Mission

“In our quest to preserve the nature, culture and agriculture of this area, we need to work together as a community.” – Michelle Mouillé, Founder

Sustainable Maikhao Foundation is a registered Thai nonprofit organization working with the public, private and governmental sectors in our community to keep our beaches clean, reduce and manage our waste and build a sustainable community through awareness, action and education.

If we can achieve this goal in Maikhao, we can share our ideas, practices and experience so that similar projects can be implemented in other districts around Phuket, Thailand and South East Asia.

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News: Recycling Project Update

News: Recycling Project Update

Reducing the amount of waste that ends up in incinerators or the landfill is incredibly important for managing air quality, and soil and groundwater health. Reducing use and recycling aggressively can also have a huge impact on the amount of rubbish that is...

News: Beach Clean-ups 2023

News: Beach Clean-ups 2023

Removing rubbish from the beach is an important way to reduce the massive volume of human-generated debris that ends up in the ocean while increasing awareness of the big problem we face. This rubbish may have been left by visitors to the beach, may have fallen off...

Phuket Green Day 1 – Maikhao Beach

Phuket Green Day 1 – Maikhao Beach

21 October 2020 After a challenging few months of the pandemic that turned our lives upside down, the first island-wide cleanup, initiated by Phuket Hotel’s Association, was held on the 21st of October 2020. Our foundation volunteered to coordinate the cleanup on...