Get involved

We always need volunteers to help with our projects, as well as members and partners who can help us spread the word and promote our combined projects. See below for the various ways that you can get involved.

Join one of our beach cleanups in Maikhao, Phuket

The 15th and 30th of every month from 09.00-10.30

Location posted on our social media pages:

Facebook: Sustainable Mai Khao
Instagram: sustainable_maikhao2020

Gloves, bags and water refill station provided. Please bring your reusable bottle and gloves (if you have). Wear comfortable shoes, light clothes that protect your skin from the sun, a hat and sunscreen, if desired.

Join one of our recycling projects

Drop off the following kinds of rubbish (clean and dry please) at our Sorting, Recycling & Learning Center in Maikhao and we will send them to our recycling partners:

  • Shoes – all kinds
  • Fishing gear – nets, ropes and fishing floaters
  • Polystyrene/Styrofoam – clean and dirty, all sizes
  • Stretchy plastic bags – zip lock bags, bubble wrap and thick plastic bags
  • Tetra packs – milk and juice cartons
  • HDPE plastic bottle caps – all kinds and sizes
  • Lighters – all kinds
  • Plastic beverage cups and containers
  • Pet food plastic bags – dry food only
  • Plastic refill sachets – from fabric detergents and softeners
  • Light bulbs – round bulbs (excluding florescent tube light bulbs)
  • Rubber – yoga mats, other kinds of rubber products

Join one of our composting projects

  • Choose from two kinds of home composters
  • Training and support available
  • Use the fertilizer to grow your own vegetables

Join our plastic reduction campaigns

  • Post photos of yourself, family and friends using reusable shopping bags, drinking cups, straws and food containers to reduce single-use plastics
  • Use the hashtags: #reducesingleuseplastics #singleusesucks #reuse #reduce

Join our community as a member

1,000 Baht annual membership fee
– Monthly newsletters
– Sustainable Maikhao Foundation T-shirt (white or black)
– Our advice with all kinds of eco-matters


Become a partner

Work with us on one or all of our 7 projects to promote your projects while promoting ours because together we can make more of an impact.


Become an ambassador

Help us promote our projects and show your followers how much you care about environmental protection and sustainable community development.

Volunteer your time or skills

We always need dedicated people to assist with projects and training.  For those coming from overseas, we can assist with finding suitable accommodation for you (at your own expense) in Maikhao with the local guesthouses or hotels.