Preserving the agricultural industry

Maikhao is an agricultural area and is designated as the “green zone” of Phuket.  Coconut and rubber plantations can be found across the district with a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs growing wild and in cultivation.

The Problem: Farm owners are selling their land to developers because they cannot generate enough income from current farming. Also, pesticides are used which are destroying the ecosystem and contaminating our ground water supply.


How we aim to resolve this problem in our district:

We aim to provide support to local farmers by linking them to organizations that require certain high-profit crops year round. We will coordinate workshops based on pesticide-free sustainable farming techniques to enable the land to stay fertile.

We also plan to work with farmers on developing farm-to-table tours.

Phuket Agriculture Preservation
Phuket Agriculture Preservation

Goals and expected impact:

Farmers will keep their land and make a stable income from growing a variety of crops.

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers will no longer be used once famers reap the benefits of fertile soil and healthy crops.

Our community and visitors to our area will have the opportunity of learning more about sustainable farming and the health benefits of local herbs.

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How your donations will be used:

To work with farmers and agricultural organizations on developing sustainable farming

To provide training workshops and equipment

To promote each farm’s offerings

To share information about the medicinal properties of local herbs

To support farmers with organic seeds, soil and composting options to make their own natural fertilizers

To connect farmers to tour operators and hotels interested in farm-to-table excursions