News: Beach Clean-ups 2023

Dec 14, 2023 | Blog

Removing rubbish from the beach is an important way to reduce the massive volume of human-generated debris that ends up in the ocean while increasing awareness of the big problem we face. This rubbish may have been left by visitors to the beach, may have fallen off boats, or it may have washed up from another location. No matter where the rubbish comes from or who was responsible, removing it from beaches prevents it from entering (or re-entering) the ocean where it is incredibly damaging. Beach clean-ups are a way for all of us to contribute to improving the environment in the places we visit or call home.

Since 2020, Sustainable Maikhao Foundation has been removing and responsibly managing litter from the beaches of Phuket. In the past 18 months we have been very busy coordinating regular Saturday clean-ups, as well as working with local businesses and schools who want to help. See below some of our recent events and how the effort adds up over time!


Recent Events

Phuket Green Day

On 21-22 April, 175 people helped clean 9 kilometres of Maikhao Beach. The beach cleaners came from eight hotels, two foundations, and rangers from Sirinath National Park. All together we collected 735 kilograms of waste and recycled more than half (372 kilograms)!

For photos and more details, click on this link.

Phuket Expo 2028 Bid Clean-up

On 22 July, Sustainable Maikhao Foundation joined the big clean-up at the proposed area for the Phuket Expo 2028. On that day, SMF lead a team focusing on the northern beach near Sarasin Bridge. Students and teachers from Maikhao School, Thalang Technical School, and “Ruampon Khon Rak Lay” (The Group of Ocean Lovers), collected 210 kilograms of rubbish, with 46 kilograms going for recycling.

See photos here!


What we’ve accomplished since 2020!

  • Over 2 tons of litter removed – Prevented from going into the ocean!
  • 8 tons of litter recycled – Prevented from going to landfill!
  • 200 beach clean-ups completed – Wow!!
  • 4933 adults and 813 children cleaning – Thank you!
  • 167 kilometres of beach cleaned

Wondering what you can do?

  • Join us (and bring your friends and family) for our next clean-up
  • Do your own mini clean-up next time you are at the beach – any beach, anywhere!
  • Recycle as much as possible at home
  • Reduce your use of plastic – straws, cups, bags, bottles
  • Ensure your rubbish is being managed responsibly – collection, recycling, disposal
  • Donate to help SMF continue its important work